History of Ballet

In 15-16th century when the Renaisance culture(*1) spreaded all over the europe,a beautiful refined “art”from Italy was born.

People were fascinated by the style,shape and sense of the new art and started calling it“The ballet”.
(*1:Meaning of “Revival”according to old history of Greece and Rome)
This page is taking about the history of ballet,from the court culture in 1580s to Ballets Russes generation in 1930s.


1581- 「Ballet comic of the Empress」

A woman from Firenze married into AnriⅡ,the Royal Family of France.
Her name is Katrine do Medisis.
She standed on the stage and performed ballet,which was called “Ballet comic of Empress.”
She spent 5-6 hours to perform the program,and people in the Royal Family of France loved to see it.
It combined reading.dancing,singing and redering.

1653- A King of France,Louis14 rased hand being a sponsor of the show

Louis14,king of France loved to dance ballet and he became the symbol of ballet during this gereration.
「The Night Ballet」presented at court in 1653,he performed the king of sun.

1661-Birth of“Position”

Louis14 established Royal Ballet Academy(Opera de Paris).
Fie,a pupil of Boshan,the best dallet artist in this generation,wrote lecture book for dancing ballet.
Our ballet performances today are based on his lecture book.

1701-Birth of“Dancer”as a professional

Many dancers as professional appered and they performed on stages in all over the Europe.
There was an one of the most famous ballet dancers in the old history,her name is Mary Cargo.
She was on stages with wearing short skirt(not popular at this generation) and displayed Antorusya and Cabriolet,like mens dancers did.
There was another popular dancer at the time.
His name is Mr Vetoris,who had performed at OPERAZA.

1773-Birth of ballet companies each countries

Popular ballet companies were established in this generation;Royal Ballet of Swedish and Moscow Ballet Academy(Polijoy ballet school)in 1773.
Royal Ballet of Denmark in 1778 and Mariinsky Ballet  Company in 1783.
In 1789,the generation of outbreaking French Revolution,the “color” of ballet was dramatically changed and it was effected by big capitalists(burujowaji).

1832-19th generation-Birth of Romantic ballet

In 1832,the first showcase of ,La Cil Filed at Opera Paris,women ballet dancers wore white romantic chuchu and ballet shoes!
In 1841,the first showcase of Jizel and same place,and the heroine,Calilotta Guriji became one of the best ballet dancers in the world after this stage.
The art which stimulates poeple’s emotion and creativeness was supported in this generation.

1847-Birth of Classic ballet

In 1847,Marius Putipa from Maruseiyu was invited to Mariinsky Ballet Company.
She became a ballet master and revised “Pirates” and “Jizel” which were made in the generation of Romantic ballet.
In this generation,the best popular and amazing work was made by him and the greatest composer,chaikohusky and the title is Sleeping Beauty.

**Putipa’s ballet work**
Don Qui Hote in 1869
La Baya dale in 1877
Sleeping beauty in 1890
The Nutcracker Suite in 1892
Swan Lake in 1895

1909-Ballet Ryus-the new generation and wave came-

In 1903,Putipa was retired but many dancers who admired what Putipa was done in the history of ballet established Ballet Ryusu(Moscow Ballet Company).
Their first stage was in 1909 at Syatore,Paris.
Dancers performance,new/creative artistic dance,fascinated people,especially the style of Nijinsky were loved and supported by people all over the world.
Activities of Ballet Ryusu coraboraled with Jan Kokuto and Koko Cianel and it effected the world art.


extracts selections from Chacott co.


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