School prospectus


Recognize people,believe yourself,make an effort

You are able to grouw up through learning ballet.
Because ballet is andior world,you have to be “open” to the people and society.
To open your heart is being positive and taking care of environment.

The policy of our academy is “Recognize people,believe yourself,make an effort”
People who do not believe themself and not making effort are not recognized by people and society.
Recognized people always make an effort.
The keyword of them is being honest and modest.
In other words,you are going to be a great balletlina if you have these potential as human.

Ballet needs same issue with people live in the sociey.
We have to work with others.
we have to be positive.
We believe thagt our academy is the best place to learn it.

Your child does not have to be a professinal ballet dancer.
More important thing is to be a good and honest person.
We are happy to stay part of your child’s life.

We are looking forward seeing you soon at NS Ballet Academy.

Director Sayo Nagasaki

(日本語) NSバレエアカデミーの教育理念と方針

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NS Ballet Academy,Naha school(main studio)
30mins from Kadena AB,10 mins from Camp Kinser
5-20-2 Aja(Azya) Naha-shi Okinawa Japan 900-0003


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